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woodcut prints by Chris Plummer

posted 15 February 2013

I’ve spent the last few weeks getting ready for a show going up soon in the Northern Kentucky University Main Gallery, put on by the Northern Kentucky University Print Club.  The theme for the show is DREAMS.  The way I have chosen to interpret this theme is to explore the idea of the American Dream through nine new prints.  I hope to be able to post my completed prints soon.

posted 1 February 2013

Postcard for the new Print Club exhibition.

For many years I have participated in Fresh Art, a yearly benefit for the Berhinger Crawford Museum here in Northern Kentucky.  The idea is that artists create a piece of art within the boundary of Devou Park in a single day, and that evening all the art is auctioned off, with the money being split equally between the artist and museum.


I usually take this opportunity to experiment with new methods of working within the realm of printmaking.  This year I did a two block reduction woodcut with some alternative inking and printing techniques.  I’m looking forward to exploring these techniques further this winter, pushing my art style in new directions.

merry christmas.

20 December 2012

-here are the 9 prints I displayed in a recent exhibition entitled “In Your Dreams”

(see postcard image below)

posted 8 March 2013

working on a new print and a new multiblock printing technique.

here are the blocks:

and here is the work in progress:

posted 22 March 2013

Once a year, in September, I take all my tools, inks, rollers,  glass, various wiping devises, and cleaning supplies, and head outside to make art...”plein air”.  It is a benefit auction which supports the Berhinger Crawford Museum in Devou Park in Covington, Kentucky.  Art is made on site and must be started and finished on the day of the auction.  They call the event “Fresh Art”.

photo taken in the morning in Devou Park

19 September 2013

“September Shadows”

15 September 2012